Benjamin Thomas

I grew up in a Christian home listening to Michael Card, and Steven Curtis Chapman, and from there my admiration for music grew.
I started playing music when I was 13, my brother played guitar in a band, and they needed a bass player... so he taught me the basic chords and I was rocking with in weeks. Our youth leader started a youth band and my brother led, but at summer camp one year, he lost his voice and so without anyone to sing I volunteered, and found out I could sing… Well enough. Months Later my brother broke his arm, a week before a show, so he taught me to play guitar, and throughout the show he was having to remind me of the chords.

After that I continued to play guitar, and my older brother and my younger brother and our good friend Michael along with myself played in a band (Crimson Robe) for a few years. Calling our selves a “Christian Band” but ultimately we wanted to be “Rock stars”. This all came to and end when my godly father watched a video of us performing live, after we had taken second place in the battle of the bands at Yahweh coffee house in Kansas City, he was disturbed by what he saw and sat us down and asked us one question that to this day rings in my ears, “How does this glorify God?” we had no response. He told us that when we could tell him how it did then we could continue playing. We never played another show as Crimson Robe.

Over the next years the Lord was gracious to reveal Himself to me in profound ways. I became the music leader at our Church in 2011 and have been leading our small congregation ever since. I have written music ever since I started playing almost 20 years ago, and the songs I play come from a love for the Lord, not from a love for music. When I loved music, I wanted to be a rock star. Now I love the Lord and music is one way of expressing that love.

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