Joe Guerra

  Spirit Stage on Saturday at 1:00PM

Meet Joe Guerra; a song writer, worship leader, and entertainer with a passion for using music to share truth and inspire others to live the life God created them for. Over the past few years Joe has shared his music and the hope it contains with countless individuals across the globe through concerts, camps, festivals, and missions projects. Three EP releases make up Joe Guerra’s discography; the most recent being “Hold on for Life” produced by Jake Rye of the billboard charting band Sanctus Real. “I love the opportunity to share my music with others” says Joe “I feel as though every time I do its a chance to celebrate stories of life with all of its ups and downs, tranquil breaks from the norm that bring peace, repetitive hooks that drive us forward, and the dipping valleys of desperation that build into vibrant beauty and life”. In 2017, Joe and his band are getting ready to release their next studio project "Reason to Breathe". Its a collection of songs they hope will inspire listeners to live a life of purpose. Joe had this to say about the theme for their upcoming music: "We live in an imperfect world full of brokenness and need, and I believe God has given each of us the chance with our unique passions, abilities, and circles of influence to breathe a little life back out into it. Our God is a God of restoration, of new beginnings, and no matter how big or small it may seem, He’s given you a chance to be a part of bringing hope, life and color to the world around you. We were made for something bigger than ourselves. You’ve got a reason to breathe!" Joe and the band are looking forward to sharing these new songs with the world and want to challenge you to continue pursuing life to its fullest, remember that you have incredible value, and never forget that you’ve got a reason to breathe!

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