Randy Seedorff & Soul Purpose

Randy Seedorff & Soul Purpose

  Ezra Stage on Saturday at 5:00PM

Randy Seedorff & Soul Purpose is a Kansas City-based Christian rock band formed in 2010 out of a calling to use music as ministry. Music can be a powerful force and it has a unique ability to bring a message to the heart of a person that words often can't deliver. Music has been a great influence in the life of band leader and founder Randy Seedorff. He feels strongly in bringing that same healing and restoration through music to others who suffer from the struggles of life.

Randy Seedorff & Soul Purpose's musical style is primarily acoustic rock. The high energy and positive messages appeal to all age groups. Most songs are originals written by Randy, and reflect his rock and blues influences. Strong vocals and great harmonies round out the sound.

Randy Seedorff & Soul Purpose have a vision to bring the love of God, through the vehicle of music, to as many people as possible. They continue to walk out that vision every chance they get.

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