Band Application

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Terms and Conditions

I understand that this application does not guarantee me a showcase performance spot at the Nehemiah Festival and that this submission is an APPLICATION FOR BOOKING CONSIDERATION only.

Nehemiah Festival is a Christ-centered outreach and worship event, and as such I acknowledge and agree with the adopted Statement of Faith.

I understand and acknowledge that the Nehemiah Fest is based on the concept of the body of Christ combining gifts, talents and resources to bring glory to God, and as such if selected, I should not expect any financial consideration for my travel, lodging, performance or other expenses incurred. I would freely donate my performance.

If selected, I understand that I will receive additional instructions and conditions from the Nehemiah Festival Construction Crew regarding performance times, technical requirements, etc. in a TENTATIVE OFFER to perform with a deadline response date. I will have the ability to accept or decline the offer and terms at that time and will do so in an expeditious manner.

As an independent Christ-centered, worship focused outreach event we encourage the performance of original music and/or music that is public domain or covered under CCLI for use in corporate worship. In the case of other music, the Artist and its agent(s), if any, shall be solely responsible for compliance with any rules or regulations of the American Federation of Musicians and for any royalty fees, performance fees or responsibilities for which the Artist and/or its agents may be legally or contractually bound.

I certify that I am an authorized representative of the applicant artist and am able to enter into agreements on behalf of the artist or group and all the information provided is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.

I understand that I may not be selected to participate in the Nehemiah Fest, but will support the effort through prayer.

I agree that Jesus is King.