Worship Calling

  Spirit Stage on Saturday at 1:00PM

Worship Calling is a collaborative effort, among numerous Praise and Worship leaders, singers, songwriters and musicians. After a chance meeting between Nathan Conner and Steve Potter, they both recognized God had wider plans for their talents and abilities. Part of the purpose of God uniting them was to further develop their skills and abilities as Worship leaders and musicians (iron sharpening iron). The second purpose is the call God has put within both of them, to marshal a community call to worship. Thus, “Worship Calling” was born.

Jaidyn LaBorde

 Fordland , Missouri




  Coffee House Stage on Friday at 6:00PM

Jaidyn is just 16 years old and has been in full time ministry for about 4 years now. Jaidyn recorded 2 albums last year in Nashville and is currently working on a 3rd. Often she’s asked what she plans on doing in a year or so...her response is always,”wherever God sends me”! She’s a humble servant of God and a prayer warrior as well!


 Princeton , Missouri




  Coffee House Stage on Saturday at 9:30AM

Lehleitner is a single man mission; bringing the transformative love of Jesus thru song, instrumentals, and personal testimony. From singer songwriter format to a contemporary harder edge sounds pushing the boundaries of modern worship and praise.

Mark & Christy

  Ezra Stage on Friday at 10:30PM

Mark and Christy have been singing and playing together since 2014. They have played for prison concerts, churches, festivals, on mission trips and more. They believe God has gifted them to use their talents for Him and Him alone. Mark is the Worship Pastor at Nall Avenue Baptist Church in Prairie Village, KS and Christy is the Worship Leader for Sing for the King Prison Ministries. They are currently working on an acoustic hymn album, stay tuned for its release.

Jennifer Chamberlin

  Coffee House Stage on Saturday at 5:00PM

Jennifer Chamberlin is a 20 year old worship leader & singer/songwriter from Wapello Iowa. Only her faith in the love and hope she found in Jesus Christ did she make it through extremely difficult times in her life. She now continues to bring that message to those who very often feel alone and without hope.


 Blue Springs, MO




  Solomon's Temple Stage on Friday at 6:45PM

Grandeur creates abundant and powerful melodies that speak God's truth and offer reassurance of the depth of Gods love for all people. Grandeurs music resonates with the bibles inspiring and hopeful messages.


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