The Rev Jimmie Bratcher

  Solomon's Temple Stage on Friday at 8:45PM

They call Jimmie Bratcher “the Electric Rev.”

Not only because of his lightning-strike performances crackle with high-voltage guitar playing and emotionally charged vocals. Or because Bratcher makes the hair rise on the arms of the crowds he entertains in the map of clubs, festivals, bike rallies, churches and prisons that he calls “the road.”

But because the ascending blues star is literally a preacher, as comfortable testifying in the pulpit about the power of Jesus as he is in smoky bars celebrating the vigor of the blues.


 Goodman, MO



  Spirit Stage on Saturday at 10:00AM

Tetelestai (Greek - it is finished, paid in full) We are a Southern Christian/Blues Band out of Anderson Missouri, we are starting our 4th year as a band - Jedidiah Hall, Lead Guitar. Paul Cook, Bass Guitar. Chris Lundy, Drums. Doug Dorris, Vocals

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