Heavy Rock


 Princeton , Missouri




  Coffee House Stage on Saturday at 9:30AM

Lehleitner is a single man mission; bringing the transformative love of Jesus thru song, instrumentals, and personal testimony. From singer songwriter format to a contemporary harder edge sounds pushing the boundaries of modern worship and praise.

Bred 4 War

  Solomon's Temple Stage on Saturday at 2:00PM

Bred 4 War is a high energy, award winning metal band From Springfield Missouri. With each member drawing from different musical and stylistic backgrounds, they have created a truly unique sound in the metal genre. Although Bred 4 War has a sound all their own, they have been most closely compared to the likes of Hatebreed and Pantera. Giving way to the complex and melodic riffs of their predecessors, Bred 4 War shatters the mold of the common cookie cutter metal bands of today.

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