9th Hour

  Solomon's Temple Stage on Saturday at 7:00PM

“A message of Hope wrapped in an Acoustic Rock package” characterizes the sound and purpose of 9th Hour. This Kansas City area based Adult Contemporary Christian Rock/Worship group has been performing at community events, concert venues, coffee houses, churches and festivals throughout the Midwest since 2004.

Ruth Larkin

 Shawnee, Kansas




  Ezra Stage on Friday at 10:30PM

I am a singer/songwriter from Shawnee, KS and have been a worship leader for 20 years along with my husband. My passion is for people to find comfort, peace and strength through music that points their hearts and eyes to heaven.


 Prineton , Missouri



  Coffee House Stage on Saturday at 10:30AM

It's my hearts desire to see as many reach with The Gospel as possible. In particular the next few generations coming up- not withstanding my own generation. I feel like the nature of my testimony and the way Christ has chosen to use that to the advancement of His Kingdom is crucial in the present landscape of the world. Music has very graciously been the way Christ has allowed me to convey His message of Salvation in my life.

Carrie Bates

 Kearney, MO


  Coffee House Stage on Saturday at 10:00AM

Carrie Bates is a Southern Gospel and Inspirational Christian singer from Kearney MO. She is a member of CGMA, MoKan Gospel Music, and the Kearney Community Theatre. She has recently joined Ministry First Music and her song "Waiting in the Water" from her CD "Faith Given" is being released to national radio. Carrie's music is currently being played on Branson Gospel Radio as well as other stations across the country.

Whosoever Will

 Independence, Mo



  Spirit Stage on Saturday at 10:00AM

We want to encourage people in the love of Jesus! We are four guys who are followers of Jesus first, husbands and fathers second and musicians last. Our songs revolve around the central theme of Gods overwhelming, unrelenting love for us!

Rich in Faith R.I.F.

 Platte city, Mo



  Ezra Stage on Friday at 5:00PM

We we're named Predestined or Rebekah Vigil and The Band Predestined for 8 years and now we are R.I.F. Scripture reference James 2:5. We like playing Nehemiah because God has placed giftings inside each of us and this event gives many believers opportunity to use their giftings to reach people. I've heard and seen of many miracles at this event. Connecting believers and connecting the lost to the love of Christ at a free event is something we support!!

Brooke Robertson

  Solomon's Temple Stage on Friday at 8:45PM

After some struggles with not being accepted into schools, and other situations I was facing, I realized that I needed to surrender my plans to God. Not long after is when Jeremy Holderfield invited me to come up to Tennessee and write music. I never would've imagined that music is where God wanted me, but it's been an amazing experience so far. I was able to record my first EP last year "Have My Heart!" Not long ago, I recently signed to Burtonwood Records. I am currently working on a full length album.

Christy Hoagland and the "Sing for the King" band

  Ezra Stage on Saturday at 5:00PM

Christy is a singer, songwriter, recording artist and worship leader. She has a Certificate in Worship Ministry from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and leads worship in jails, prisons, conferences, celebrate recovery meetings, church events and services, revivals and more. She serves on a prison ministry team “Sing for the King Ministries” with her husband, James, and former inmate and friend, Johnny. They offer worship services to the incarcerated through praise and worship, the preaching of the Word, and a testimony of a life changed in prison.

Team Extreme

Since 1993, Team Xtreme has seen millions of young people face to face with the relevant Truth of the Gospel in every corner of the world. Team Xtreme breaks through old walls of tradition, False Religions, Addictions, and Lies. We see the lost set free, the church renewed and watch entire nations be turned upside down for Christ!

Over 85 Nations and thousands of cities have hosted Team Xtreme in arenas, schools, public spaces, and prisons and more, while demonstrating a powerful and bold proclamation of a life freeing message!


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