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Jon Jon

  Coffee House Stage on Saturday at 10:30AM

A Christian hip hop artist from Mid-Missouri, Jon has been creating music to glorify the King since 2013. His main goal is to spread the gospel through music and preaching and try to grow the Kingdom of God.

Brother Al

Brother Al:
Original native of Chicago, transplanted to Georgia 13 years ago. Brother Al has released well over 1000 free songs, developing the never-ending mixtape which God allowed him to gain his original following from. Brother Al has taken the Gospel over dope beats to a new Extreme. God reclaimed Brother Al from the “back-sliden” state in 2012 and he has been running for his life because he understands he is out of chances. He also states, “That if he had more, he would be using them.”


  Coffee House Stage on Saturday at 12:30PM

JONES is a hip hop artist, singer, songwriter and producer from Chattanooga, TN. What you see is what you get. Just like the lyrics in his song “I’ll Do Me”, he lives by the mantra “You do you and I’ll do me”. He is a real artist who pours intense passion into every song he writes, delivers spit-fire lyrics on the mic and believes in leaving no-less than everything on the stage. And this is exactly what he has done every time over the years as he takes the stage at festivals, clubs, churches and venues across the Southeast US to prove exactly why he belongs in this industry.

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